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A USA TODAY bestseller and a Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner!

Also check out my debut novel, What the Dog Ate

Hi, I'm Jackie Bouchard: lover of books (both writing and reading them) and dogs and laughter. In fact, one of my favorite quotes involves all three: Groucho Marx said, "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." You can tell Groucho was around before e-readers. You could actually read inside of a dog if you were using, say, an iPad. It would have to be a pretty big dog though.

If you also love books and dogs and laughter, you'll love my Fido-friendly fiction novels.

My new novel, House Trained, is coming October 25, 2015 from Lake Union Publishing!

My second novel, Rescue Me, Maybe, is a love story for dog lovers. It's a USA TODAY bestseller and won a 2014 Readers' Favorite 2014 Gold Medal in the Fiction-Animals category! Here's the book trailer:

Find out more about all my novels on my Books page!

Sit. Stay. Read.

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